Haute Couture Taylor made Weddings

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Specializing in events and high-end service, Luxuria Wedding organizes your wedding from A to Z.


France, its culture, traditions, luxury, elegance… All attributes that attest to the quality of our services.
Our experience of over 20 years serving major international brands has forged our professionalism in the organization of private events, services, lifestyle and prestige real estate. Quick to understand your desires even before you describe them to us, our collaborators are all experts in their specific fields thanks to rich careers in special events, the hotel and restaurant sector, travel, transport, shows and fashion… Whether staging an event or meeting requirements for services, they are surrounded by all kinds of specialists perfectly equipped to deliver high-quality services, under all kinds of circumstances. Anticipation and attentiveness, discretion and rigour, creativity and excellence are the skills demanded from our teams and our network to guarantee the success of each of our events and our clients’ full satisfaction.


«  They immediately knew what I was expecting from this day »

« This wedding went beyond the most wonderful fairytales! »