The rental of Food Truck is becoming one of the trends of the year in the organization of weddings.

Indeed, what wedding planner today has he never had any request from his customers concerning the establishment of a Food Truck for his brunch the next day. And that makes sense in that marriage is a reflection of a changing society.

And today the trend is fast food and fast food. But beware, nothing to do with the junk food phenomenon that had appeared in France about fifty years ago with the first burgers.

Today, fast food is above all a concept inspired by current trends and trends. We eat organic, vegan, light and it is easily influenced by kitchens from distant horizons.

In this context, we find this type of cuisine everywhere, from the simple mall to the airport, the train station and generally a large part of public places.

Some concepts have even been developed on this model such as the restaurant Big Mamma Station F which offers its customers a unique experience around different Corner. Nice was also seduced by this type of initiative and the city soon inaugurated in the premises of the former Gare du Sud a gourmet hall entirely dedicated to gastronomy.