Parfums & Saveurs is a company based in Paris since 1995 and is established on the French Riviera since 2008. Parfums&Saveurs’s Cuisine is driven by culinary traditions and constant innovation. Its own laboratory complies with European standards. Parfums & Saveurs creates a sophisticated and gourmet universe. Well known as a catering designer, its integrated research department provides a tailored response to your wedding requirements. Michel and Mathilda Loufrani are the cofounders of Parfums & Saveurs. Michel is a painter, a traveller and a passionate admirer of gastronomy. His sister Mathilda comes from the world of fashion and theater. They both approach the art of reception as a true production: creativity, sense of details, pleasure and originality. Isabelle, Anne Laure and Hélène, three gastronomy lovers, bring their experiences in organizing events to assist you during your wedding arrangements. The team concentrates its energy in offering unforgettable tastes and in creating memorable events. Feel, see and taste Parfums et Saveurs’ philosophy